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Stay Healthy. Blend It.

Our JustBlend portable blender was created with a vision to simplify a basic necessity by converting your everyday conventional blender, to an on-the-go alternative. Invest in your health today! Our blender offers the best multifunctional, powerful, portable, USB rechargeable, mini blender helping you achieve a healthy lifestyle.

Health Is Wealth

Invest in your health today. This portable blender is a game changer! Just fill it up, and get moving!

Let us look at some of the superb benefits of using a JustBlend portable blender.

Health 01

Easy To Use

Extremely convenient to use and handle. You only need to push the start button. In a few minutes, you will have a freshly prepared smoothie, ready for consumption. Also, maintenance and cleaning are not too hectic. Take a soft cloth and wipe it effectively in all directions

Health 02

Saves Your Time

We know many men and women can’t have breakfast while leaving home. Unfortunately, few of them skip their breakfast, which is considered an extremely valuable meal of the day. While a few others are always late to the office due to this. For both the category of people JustBlend portable blender is a great option, as you can carry it in your bag.

Health 03

Battery Endurance

A 2000 mAh battery makes it possible to prepare 10-12 cups per charge. It hardly takes 2-3 hours to charge the battery. It doesn’t come with a specific fancy charger, so you can quickly charge it with a USB cable. About 80-90 second blending makes a delicious, smooth, and silky shake for you. You’ll love to know the fact that JustBlend is one of the quietest blenders. Even with 20000+ RPM, you won’t observe noise.

Health 04

No Storage Issue

It is pretty much obvious that many people wish that they could carry the household blender everywhere. However, it is not possible. The best alternative is having a JustBlend portable blender. It performs all the functions of a household blender with the requirement of minimal storage space.